TouchKeys DIY Kit

TouchKeys DIY Kit

TouchKeys DIY Kit


TouchKeys DIY Kit

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This is a self-install sensor kit to apply the TouchKeys to your own keyboard. Kits are available in sizes from 13 to 88 keys, in two different colours: Classic (standard keyboard colours) and Inverted (where the natural keys are black and the sharps are white, like a harpsichord).

For more information on installing a TouchKeys DIY Kit on your keyboard, please see Installing TouchKeys.

These kits are built to order and typically ship in around 3 weeks.

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13 Classic, 13 Inverted, 25 Classic, 25 Inverted, 37 Classic, 37 Inverted, 49 Classic, 49 Inverted, 61 Classic, 61 Inverted, 73 Classic, 73 Inverted, 88 Classic, 88 Inverted


MacOS X 10.9+, Windows 7+, Linux Intel 64-bit


USB 2.0 full-speed